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The Sistahood

The Sistahood is a network of women of color affiliated with the sports industry. The Sistas are clinicians, coaches, athletes, administrators, and educators. The collective gives us an opportunity to meet and share our experiences in order to develop a stronger sense of confidence in a rapidly growing industry.

For over 16 years, our focus has been athletic training centered. This will continue to be an important part of programming as we expand to work more to include women in other sectors of the sports industry. A gathering has been held during the same week in the same city as the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Convention. Starting with only a handful of women, we have expanded our Sistahood to reach hundreds, with even more to come. In the last three years, invitations to local (host city) high school students are extended in the hopes of teaching young women about the opportunities in our career field.


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The Sistahood is a network of women of color, making a difference in the sports industry.



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